Monday, December 19, 2011

First Married Christmas

I've been a busy elf over here in Greenwich trying to get all organized for our first married Christmas! Top on the list was sending out our first real Christmas card. I was so excited for this project until I realized what a project sending out 115 holiday cards is!! This ate up about a weeks worth of blogging. Note to self - do not attach address labels late night after a dinner party with your girlfriends - this will result in having to peel most of them off and redo the next day. I loved how they turned out and was so excited to get them in the mail!

Cards - Small Field Papers (Sweet Pea Designs)

Address Labels - Pikme Papers

Next on the docket was getting our first "grown up" tree set up. Unfortunately we picked out our tree in the dark and it was a little big for where we usually put it. We moved around some furniture and voila - I think I like this years placement the best! 

Lastly I've been trying to get all our holiday gifts wrapped. Our dining room which recently was looking like this...

Now looks like this...

Can we pull it all together by Saturday. We'll soon find out!

Thrown in with a few great holiday parties, a trip to Boston, my first dinner party and some other fun activities this quickly filled my three week absence!  


  1. LOVE your Christmas card - I've been meaning to tell you! Wishing you and Pat a wonderful 1st Christmas together!! xx

  2. Congrats on your first "Married" Christmas!