Sunday, November 11, 2012

A Note from FFC411

I hope everyone is slowly recovering from hurricane Sandy and doing what they can to help their friends, neighbors and those across the tri-state with their relief efforts. Suzy Said has been doing a wonderful job updating those of us in the Fairfield County area on how we can help locally - check out their facebook page for lists of places accepting donations! Also consider helping those outside of CT, as many of them were hit the hardest, through organizations such as the Red Cross, AmeriCares and many more!

As people are starting to get back to normal little by little I felt it was time that we could start sharing some of the lighter things again and begin looking forward to the holiday season, because when things are tough nothing puts a smile on your face more than time with your friends and family!

While we'll probably spend the next month talking about shopping events, gifts, parties etc I hope Sandy helps everyone continue to keep their lives in perspective - while shopping and celebrating please also continue giving back to those who need it the most. It will make your holidays that much more meaningful!

Welcome back!

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