Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Welcome to 2013

We're back! Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season. Sorry for the hiatus, sometimes you just feel like you have nothing interesting to say and then when you do you're too lazy to start writing again :) But now that the holidays are behind us we're going to try to get back at it again. Hopefully there are still readers out there interested in hearing from FFC411, if so leave us a comment or like us on Facebook! 

Here is what we've been up too in the last month or so!

Hunting for the perfect tree at Jones Family Farm
Cutting down our first tree - if we blog about it we have to try it!
Enjoying a chilly day at Jones with great friends 

All set up and ready for the holidays!

New ornaments for 2012 - I'm loving instagram, my new go to for sharing photos!
Holiday wishes from our very own Santa Paws! 
Torturing the husband into going to see the Rockefeller Tree
My favorite part of the holidays - still hanging up at the end of January!

Borrowing our favorite Monomoy Design - more on that great company soon! 
A beautiful, snow filled weekend in Chatham
A quick weekend at our favorite spot, Chatham Bars Inn - again can't get enough instagram : )

Ringing in the New Year with some of our favorite friends, four legged included

And now on to the blog posts!

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