Wednesday, May 22, 2013

I Heart Books

This year I gave myself the goal of reading 52 books in 52 weeks - I've come close before but I figured this year if I focused on it I can definitely make it {plus we have two weeks of summer vacation this year instead of one so I can definitely get another 4-5 books one try to talk to me at the beach!}

So far this year I've read some pretty good ones so I wanted to share my list to date...

The Song Remains the Same
I Have Iraq in my Shoe
Sharp Objects
Here We Go Again
Love Anthony
Touch and Go
The Storyteller
Family Pictures
Six Years
Summer House
Fly Away
Ivy Secrets
The Great Gatsby (re-reads count!)
Angels All Over Town
No Way Back
Tides of the Heart
15 Seconds

We're in the 21st week so keeping up a solid pace so far! : ) Next up will be FFC411's Summer Reading List!

Check out last year's here incase you missed it
And 2011's

Happy Reading!

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