Monday, January 30, 2012

Tasty New Trattoria in Darien

If you haven't tried Darien's newest Italian restaurant, Cesco's Trattoria, I recommend you call them right up and make a reservation for this weekend! Located in Goodwives shopping center, this classic Italian restaurant offers fabulous food in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. When we arrived at 8pm there was a family with their two young sons, a rowdy table of couples, an elderly duo and a full bar - a restaurant that truly appeals to any audience. Their food is beyond good and they have the service to match. Owner Aldo is out on the floor, greeting patrons, discussing specials and helping to create the warm family atmosphere. First to our table was this delicious antipasto platter. A great way to kick off the meal and let us munch while we enjoyed our wine and perused the menu.

And then a special treat from Aldo, a pasta dish not on the menu. Beat and ricotta "ravioli" with a sage butter sauce. It honestly might be one of the tastiest things I've ever eaten. I have to give my parents credit for receiving this treat as they frequent Cesco's on an almost weekly basis. 


Clearly we hated this dish!

Then on to the main courses. The specials list was a big hit that night - a paparadelle pasta with roasted red pepper cream sauce, italian sausage and broccoli as well as a roasted veal chop with a marsala wine sauce, mushrooms and asparagus. Both we're amazing! Highlights from the menu also include the tagliatelle bolognese, spaghetti alla carbonara, halibut burre blanc, veal picatta, ossobuco and chicken milanese. All receiving very high marks! The only dish not receiving rave reviews was the spaghetti alle vongole - if everything was a home run you'd think I wasn't being honest.

And last but very certainly not least was a delicious bread pudding toped with vanilla ice cream and hot fudge. This alone is worth coming back for! 

Needless to say we're hooked! I look forward to coming back often and making my way through all the wonderful entrees. It's one of the few restaurants I've been to recently where every time I leave I think "I can't wait to come back and try that other dish I was debating." 

Cesco's Trattoria 
25 Old Kings Highway North, Darien 

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