Wednesday, June 27, 2012


On a steamy hot night I love nothing more than a huge plate of sushi! The nice cool air-conditioning and the light refreshing sushi makes for the perfect meal. My very favorite spot in Greenwich to indulge in such a feast is Bambou at 328 Pemberwick Road. The most delicious appetizers - fried calamari in it's own little fry basket with delicious dipping sauce, crispy spring rolls, pan seared veggie dumplings, and surprisingly yummy chicken nuggets! For sushi I have to have the amazing House Special Roll along with the Red Hot Yellowtail Roll, Mexican Roll and Sweet Potato Tempura Roll. And you have to round it out with some tasty fried rice!

Our spread during the heat wave! 

Want to try Bambou out? Treat yourself to a living social deal and get $30 toward dinner for $15.

Bambou on Living Social!

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