Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Cool as a Polar Bear

As we think towards the holiday weekend, whatever we're doing we're certain to have our favorite Polar Bear cooler in tow! The best cooler we've ever owned, it's leak proof/sweat proof design keeps ice for 24 hours at 100 degrees! How great is that? And it comes in sizes from 6 pack all the way to 48 pack. Whether you're just bringing a few beers on the boat or need to bring a weekends worth of groceries on a long drive, these coolers are a must have. Monogrammable, they also make a great gift for newlyweds, summer hosts or the dad who has everything. Through the July 4th weekend Geoff is offering 10% off orders with the coupon code 5150 at checkout or over the phone at 888.438.7924. Visit their site at www.polarbearcoolers.com

12 Pack 

24 Pack

Red, white and blue no less!

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