Monday, March 5, 2012

Amazon, I Heart You

If you are someone who reads this blog even occasionally then I'm sure you've picked up on the fact that I love to read! And I love my kindle. I never thought I would be able to give up on real books but the first year I got my kindle I read 42 books, clearly I was hooked. It's convenient, easy to read, great for travel and just last week I figured out how to download books for free from my library. Now instead of spending $12 to buy a book I can borrow them right from the library via my home computer - fab!

So needless to say I was devastated last night when I turned on my kindle and saw this...

Eeeks! My poor, poor kindle - I wanted to cry, and mostly cause I knew exactly what was wrong with it. That morning I had accidentally dropped my iPhone onto my kindle and it the time had thought "Phew, I guess the kindle broke its fall." Little did I know I had killed my beloved kindle. Is this someone's way of telling me perhaps I surround myself with too much technology? 

So I spent all morning researching all the new versions of the kindle trying to decide if I wanted the classic or the touch, with ads or without, the mini or the classic size. Right before I pulled the trigger on purchasing a new one I figured I would give Amazon a call just to see what they said. I logged onto my Amazon account, filled out what was wrong and someone called me (so convenient!). I was completely honest that I had broken my kindle but was inquiring if it was possible to have the screen fixed. They told me that unfortunately they didn't do repairs but what they could do would be send me the brand new kindle just like mine (which retails for $189) for $40! All I had to do was use a prepaid label from them to mail my broken kindle back. Amazon, you made my day! I asked the guys three times how much he had said figuring I miss heard, and when I said I couldn't believe they would do that since it was from 2009 and had no warrantee - he said they just wanted to make sure I always stayed with kindle. Well mission accomplished Amazon, thank you for your great customer service and dedication to your customers. You'll certainly have me as a kindle user for life. Can't wait for my brand new one to arrive Thursday! 

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Everyone love kindle : ) 

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