Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Apron Anxiety

One of my favorite books so far this summer was the cute and culinary Apron Anxiety by Alyssa Shelasky. A memoir based on her blog by the same name, Shelasky shares the trials and tribulations of finding herself in and outside the kitchen, ending each chapter with the recipes that influenced that phase of her journey. Funny, sometimes racy, sometimes sad and sometimes even a little self absorbed but in the end you always find yourself rooting for Shelasky and drooling over some of the delicious dishes! I think everyone will be envious of the relationship she finds with her kitchen - unless you're a way better cook than me!

Some of Shelasky's recipes...
*Reality Bites Banana Bread
*Cheese Toast for Two Kids in Love
*Supernatural Brownies for Breakups and Breakdowns
*Herb Crusted Chicken for Hungry and Important People
*Rainy Day Rigatoni

This is the absolute perfect beach book if you like blogs and stream on conscious writing (which hopefully you do or you're really nice to read FFC411!) - I read it in two days.

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