Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Get me to a Home Depot!

I hadn't yet gotten into home blogs but the other day I was on my favorite author Jen Lancaster's blog and she wrote a cute post referencing Young House Love. I'd never heard of them (apparently I'm very late to the party on that) but I figured whatever Jen loves I would love too! So I clicked over to check them out. I read their backstory, a few posts on their blog, some of their press but I just wasn't sold yet. Until I clicked here and then I was oh so hooked! The transformation they performed on a house I would have run screaming from is nothing short of amazing. I wasn't able to see that yet with their new house but now I want to check back daily to see how they are going to transform that as well. If the below doesn't win you over then you're much more creative than me! I hope you have some free time to spare because you're going to need it enjoying this great site.

Before and After from Young House Love

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  1. What a gorgeous transformation! Thanks so much for sharing, FC411.