Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Grab your tissues!

I absolutely love to read, love! Last year I read 41 books - so you can pretty much say I'm unhealthily attached to my kindle. What I love even more is to whip my reading list out of my planner and offer book suggestions whether you ask for one or not. So when I thought about a blog one of the most appealing aspects was getting to write about the books I love.

The last book I read that I just hoped would never end was A Dogs Purpose by W. Bruce Cameron. I've read most of the popular dog novels - Marley & Me, Art of Racing in the Rain - and this was by far my personal favorite. Written in a canine first-person, the story follows the touching and often hilarious account of a dog searching for his purpose in life. When he finally finds it you'll need a box of tissues and plenty of friends to recommend this book to!

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