Monday, November 14, 2011

Chic Bridesmaids Jewelry

When I thought about the bridesmaids dresses for my wedding I decided to be practical - can we all be honest here, no one ever wears a bridesmaids dress again, period. No matter how cute it is, how trendy the style, how fabulous the color, once you wear it in a wedding you'll always look at it and think 'bridesmaids dress'. So instead of agonizing over finding something I could kid myself into thinking they would rewear I decided to pick a simple dress and gift them with awesome jewelry instead! Because let's be honest, they will wear these again. One already wore hers to another wedding, one looked darling wearing hers at work, and ones already loaned hers out to friends to borrow. So do your bridesmaids a favor and treat them to something special from Olipant Designs to thank them for putting up with your bridezillaness : ) 

Cara from Oliphant was amazing to work with. We brought her the swatch of our dress color and she created custom necklaces for us and helped us find the perfect earrings to compliment them. I even added extra earrings to thank my sister in law and reader. They make the perfect gift! 

Cara's jewelry also makes a fabulous holiday gift! She'll be at our Greenwich Junior League Holiday Boutique this weekend at the Hyatt and she is always one of the most popular vendors. Come check out her beautiful pieces in person or send your husbands on Friday night from 5-9 and we'll help him pick out something you're sure to love! 

Visit - she just updated her website and it's darling! You can see alternate color options of my bridesmaids jewelry under her 'wedding' section.

Thanks Cara for this special addition to our wedding! xx

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