Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Hunter Habit

Even though the old ones are pretty much indestructible I've been finding it a necessity to add a new pair of Hunter boots to my collection every fall. They're so versatile and I've gotten so tired of ruining all my nice shoes when a sudden rain shower pops up or a muddy lawn gets in your way. This season I'm in love with the Hunter Regent Carlyle. How cute are these? They totally look like they could be Tory Burch and at $195 a much more reasonable price. I love my Quilted Regents from last fall, a slimmer slightly chicer version of the Original Hunter, so I know these will be a hit!

Available online at Zappos

Also call the following stores for availability 
Darien Sport Shop - 203 655 2575
Saks Fifth Ave - 203 862 5300
Shoe Inn - 203 227 9246

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