Monday, February 6, 2012

Darien Restaurant Week

Piggybacking on my review of Cesco's Trattoria, I'm excited to remind everyone that this week is Darien Restaurant Week. Take this opportunity to try a new restaurant or visit your old favorite, support your local restauranteurs! Wear loose fitting pants!

Monday February 6th thru Friday February 10th.
Lunch $10.12 or $15.12
Dinner $20.12 or $30.12
More information at

Participating Restaurants:
Cafe D'Azur
Cesco's Trattoria*
Chuck's Steakhouse*
Darien Social
Phil's Grill
Rory's Restaurant*
Scena Wine Bar
The Goose*
The Melting Pot
*FFC411 favorites

So many great choices! The newest restaurant to the list, Darien Social, just opened last week so why not take this opportunity to pay them a visit. Located at 10 Center Street, we're hoping this American Bar and Grill will be a great new neighborhood hangout!

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