Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Six Months!

The hubby and I took a wonderful trip to Chatham Bars Inn last weekend to celebrate our six month anniversary. We'd never spent any time there before in the winter and I have to say I almost enjoyed it as much as the summer! They were completely booked - I was shocked. But such good deals were to be had and sunny weather in the forecast that everyone had made the last minute trek to the Cape! I highly recommend heading to your favorite resort in the off season.

We were upgraded to a wonderful suite with fabulous views, a fireplace and tons of lounge space. Another perk of the off season, no one is booking those fancy rooms so your way more likely to get an upgrade.

The view from our deck

We had a delicious dinner at the Sacred Cod Tavern - asparagus fries, their amazing fish and chips, lobster nachos and creme brulee! (It was a celebratory trip after all) We walked town, visiting all the little shops I never go to cause I'm working on my tan. I spent the afternoon reading in this wonderful room enjoying the beautiful views, drinking cocktails and watching the golf tournament in the Tavern. Something you would never get a chance to do in the summer and it was so wonderful and relaxing!

The south lounge

Enjoying the views from a warm, cozy couch

We also got to have dinner at our absolute favorite restaurant in Chatham, Impudent Oyster. I would say going in the off season made things less crowded but I made a reservation 6 weeks ahead of time and we still had to wait - this place is just packed every day of the year! Lastly we toped off the weekend with Chatham Bars Inn's amazing Sunday Brunch Buffet. I'm not a huge buffet person but this is just so delicious and such a special treat! And something you'd never eat if you had to put on a bathing suit in the next two hours!

It was incredibly weird to be back for the first time since the wedding, revisiting all the places we'd been for a hot, stormy week - now cold, frosty and equally windy! 

A crazy contrast to what only feels like yesterday! 

I love reliving all the details of the wedding and hope to make this an annual trip. And what I would say to everyone else is plan a trip to your favorite summer resort in the next few months. Deals are great! Chatham Bars has been offering specials for $150 a night (a steal!) or keep your eyes peeled for a Groupon or other offer for your favorite vacation spot. You'll get to do all the fun things you never get to do in the summer, the crowds will be smaller, you won't feel guilty eating and drinking all day and it's a great way to shake those mid-winter blues as we wait patiently for the arrival of spring. 


  1. I am such a fan of going places in the off-season (Florida in the summer, Maine in the winter). It is a completely different scene, but so much more relaxing and less crowded!

  2. I love visiting the Vineyard in October... quiet and not nearly as crowded as the summer. Also great deals shopping!!
    It sounds like a lovely weekend! I would love to visit the Cape off season.