Thursday, February 16, 2012

Do You Pinterest?

I'm embarrassed to admit until sometime last week I wasn't even exactly sure what Pinterest was. But now it's fair to say I'm 100% hooked! I love seeing all the beautiful images everyone pins and it's such a great way to catalog all the things you're interested in. I have boards going for home, party, wedding, fashion and cooking ideas. It's the perfect place to start if your redecorating your home, planning a wedding, having a baby or just want all your favorite images in one place. If you're on Pinterest message me your user name so I can follow you! And if you'd like an invite to join just message me your email.

A few of my favorite pins...

Home Ideas

Beautiful Flowers 

Style Inspiration 

Delicious Food


  1. I NEED HELP WITH IT!!!!!!!!!!!! Major help!!!!!!!!!

  2. I've been using it for nearly a year now --- and even have a second account that I use just for wedding planning (a different board for every component of the wedding)! That way, when it's time to get my groom involved in, say, helping to pick out invitations, he can just look through that board and let me know his favorites! It's magical!

  3. You can friend me . . Sheri Austin
    I'm currently collecting ideas for my kitchen remodel.