Friday, May 11, 2012

April Showers

Update: When I finally got around to ordering my shoes Orvis was sold out! I was so bummed so I searched around until I found them on I was a little skeptical but with 15% off and free shipping I figured I'd give it a whirl! Best $36 I ever spent!!! A quick 30hr road trip to Chatham for work these past two days and this was the only thing that kept me dry in the pouring rain! You can order them here, no longer at a discount but still free shipping. They only had my size in the orange but I love them!


Although we've been incredibly spoiled this week by the summer-like weather we can only assume that there is still a day or two of true spring left in our future. And when those days roll around I just found myself the perfect new footwear!

Ever since I found those two great Orvis sweater ponchos this winter I've been receiving their catalogs. I usually give them a quick glance and recycle them but today these little darlings jumped right out at me from the cover!

Adorable! And then I look inside and they are even more cute because they are $49 !!! I must have these. My hunter boots are way too hot for this time of year and I have ruined more pairs of shoes sloshing through puddles. And these are so cute I might even just wear them on non-rainy days as well. I find myself in a similar puzzle I had over my Orvis poncho - which colors??


Or Orange??

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