Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sweet Dreams

I was doing a little web surfing the other day and stumbled across all these great new patterns from lulu dk for Matouk! They made me desperate for a beach house, or at least some beachy weather! Luckily we're headed up to Nantucket next weekend and if I'm super nice to the hubby maybe he'll let us swing by the outlet. You can read my post on that here, so worth the trip! Here are some of the new styles I'm coveting...

If I could have a Beach House in Chatham with this in my guest room then all would be right with the world : ) I just love the cute little sailboats.
And these towels wouldn't hurt to round things out!

What little girl wouldn't love this room!

This is what's on my bed right now and it makes me dream of the beach!

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  1. LOVE all these!! Have fun in Nantucket and take pictures for us!