Monday, May 7, 2012

Summer Reading

I've been meaning to post a new summer reading list (obviously I've had one written in my planner for the last 4 months) but I still need to get it typed in the meantime I figured I'd share the new book by one of my other cult favorites. Have you ever found an author really early in their career, fell in love with their style and then felt a personal connection to their success from that point on? Tried to convince people to read their books and then when they do and love them you're all "well I knew her before she was famous", as if you're actually friends? Believed that if you could just meet in one chance encounter (other than when you go to all her book signings) that you might actually be friends? Well I do and mine is Jen Lancaster. She's hysterically funny and she writes memoirs which is even better because then you can actually see what being friends with her would be like, and it would be very very entertaining.

She writes a great blog where you can read about many of her antics but I highly encourage people who like humorous memoirs to start with the two of her earliest books. You can't appreciate her humor as greatly unless you know the background to her stories and as they are laugh out loud funny they are the perfect summer beach read. Be sure to buy the print copies, the footnotes are often the funniest part, and they don't work quite as well on ereaders.

I read 80% of Jeneration X, her newest book, yesterday and got a lot of strange looks from my husband as I giggled and snorted while he tried to watch golf. You can find a list of all her books here but if you read Bitter is the New Black and Bright Lights, Big Ass you'll be pretty caught up to speed and you can read any of her books from there. Happy Reading!

Right? How cute is she, AND she loves dogs!

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