Monday, March 7, 2011

Cupcake Craze

I feel like everywhere I turn these days someone is talking about cupcakes! The new wedding cake, the new birthday cake, the new lunch? It sure seems that way! So I figured while we were talking about local eco friendly companies I'd share with you my favorite cupcake creator - dough*girl baking company. Started in Rowayton, CT in 2007, dough*girl uses the freshest and best all-natural ingredients, supporting local farmers and business whenever they can. If you're going to eat a cupcake shouldn't it be the healthiest one you can find? dough*girl is a staple at the Rowayton Farmers Market (I can't wait to post about that when it opens this spring!) and recently partnered in a small store front (more to come on that as well!). Be sure to check her website for local vendors or contact her directly for a custom order - in addition to being a cupcake genius, dough*girl offers wonderful cakes, cookies and ice cream sandwiches. I just ordered some custom "wedding cake" cookies for a bridal shower, and her "onesie" or "rubber ducky" cookies are the cutest baby shower favors you've ever seen. Until you can sink your teeth into the real thing, head over to her website to check out the beautiful photography, it'll make you want to have a cupcake lunch!

dough*girl baking co.

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