Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Julie & Julia

Almost every afternoon I email my fiancé and say "what do you feel like for dinner?" and then we go back and forth debating the eight or ten things I actually know how to cook (or we just go out, as you've probably noticed from the blog!) I figure before we get married I should probably get this under control! So on my to-do list has been cooking classes at Aux Delices. They offer adult classes on Wednesday nights from 7-9 at their Stamford kitchen. It's $90 for demo classes and $125 for hands on classes and every Wednesday is a different theme - you can find the current schedule here. Only a few classes are left on their winter schedule, "Quick Meals" on April 27th looks like a fun option, and hopefully soon their summer schedule will be posted. I think this sounds like such a fun girls night! They also do small group events which could be great for a birthday or bridal party - and they offer cooking class gift certificates for the domestically challenged friends in your life. Who knows, you just might turn out to be the next Julia Child!

Aux Delices
23 Acosta Street, Stamford
203.326.4540 - Lynn ex 108

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  1. i enjoyed your the movie too...lovely greetings