Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Food Food Food

I was going to do a little review of our dinner at Sails in Rowayton but I'm still not 100% sure how I feel about the new River Cat. The decor is great, with big sails covering the dining room ceiling and lots of nautical prints and details, and they were quite busy for a Tuesday night which was good to see. I love their truffle mac and cheese and grilled caesar salad, two things I always order when I'm there, but people always seem to struggle with what to order off the rather eclectic menu. Three of us ordered specials which were all good but there's nothing on the menu that we're dying to go back for. Anyone have a favorite dish that they order there? I'd love to find a go to for the next time I go back!

Continuing on my birthday food-fest, we made a restaurant quality (so we thought!) dinner at home tonight that I thought I'd share. With all this cold, dreary, sleety weather I definitely have comfort food on the brain! One of my new favorite foods to make at home is risotto and we just can't get enough of the Stonewall Kitchen risotto mixes. Tonight we made the sun-dried tomato version, they couldn't be easier to make - just saute the rice in butter and olive oil, add a splash of white wine and then add the chicken stock little by little for about 30 mins. We added crumbled spicy italian sausage and parmesan baked broccoli. The spicy sausage, crispy broccoli and creamy risotto were an awesome combo! Complete with some pretty spring tulips it was the perfect way to beat the winter blues!

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