Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Outlet Shopping

On our drive to the Cape my mom and I had to stop at our favorite outlet in Fall River - the Matouk Factory Store! They have a showroom with seconds, discontinued styles and overstock items which are always great - with good deals on towels, sheets, pillow shams etc. But a little know fact is that since this is also their distribution center they will go into the warehouse and get you anything you want from the regular line at around 40% off! Go with a list of what you're looking for or browse through their lookbooks and they will pull whatever you're interested in. Unfortunately this discount isn't available over the phone so the next time you're heading to the Cape or the ferry be sure to add an extra hour to stop by! I love how you can mix and match everything in the Lulu dk Matouk collection - currently I have a mix of lattice and starburst pattern bedding and I'm hoping to mix in some of these shell styles soon!

They also have wonderful gift items at the outlet, such as these candles, soaps and cute tissue covers!

Be sure to check them out! 

Matouk Factory Store 
925 Airport Rd (one mile from Rt 24)
Fall River, MA 

Mon-Fri 8-4:30 (year round), Sat 10-4:30 (june, july and august)


  1. I read about this on CK Bradley's blog and completely forgot...The boyfriend is NOT going to be happy about this pit stop. Good thing we're usually in my car! Great tip.

  2. Love the outlet, lots of great finds there! xoxo KAG

  3. I'm heading to the Cape in a couple of weeks and can't wait to hopefully be able to make a stop at this factory store - thanks for the heads-up!