Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Fresh Direct

I feel like I might be late to this train but I've just subscribed to Fresh Direct and its amazing! If you haven't joined yet I highly recommend it. Some afternoons there is nothing more fun than wondering down every aisle in the super market dreaming up meals to make for the upcoming week. Other nights after a weekend away and a long day back at work the very last thing on earth that I want to do is go grocery shopping. In comes Fresh Direct! Log on and start shopping - order by 5pm and your order could be at your door as early as 6am the next day! You can create a list for weekly basics, specific recipes, party ideas or shop off your old orders so you could be in and out in minutes. Going out of town? Enter your order on a Friday, choose a scheduled delivery of 6-8am on Monday morning and you'll wake up to a weeks worth of groceries! You can also get two months of free delivery as a first time subscriber. I'll still enjoy my Sunday trips to the store but when we're out of town this is 100% my new go to. This time I went for basics but I'm looking forward to trying some of their pre-made foods, fresh pastas, marinated meats and meal kits. This is also amazing for new moms, have all your groceries delivered so no one has to worry about going to the store, and stock up on ready to heat meals so no one had to worry about cooking! - shop through this link and receive $25 off your first order. And be sure to sign up for the two months of free shipping! 

Voila! Packaged by fresh foods or grocery items. Right to your door. 

A quick Monday night meal - healthy chicken parm, whole wheat pasta and broccoli

I'm hoping to order up a bunch of specialty items next time to start testing our Ina's new recipes

I'm also loving following one of my favorite bloggers, Jenny Steffens, as she does "A Month with the Barefoot Contessa". Read about the recipes she has cooked thus far. Barefoot Contessa Project

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