Thursday, February 7, 2013

Swell Bottle

Is one of your new years resolutions to drink more water? Mine always is! But I find I'm constantly drinking out of old plastic water bottles at my desk and when the weekend rolls around I'm always water-less and desperately thirsty by early afternoon. I've never been a fan of traditional water bottles due to their bulky size and huge mouth openings but the look of this one has really caught my eye and I think it will inspire me to drink my 60oz of water a day! My favorite aspect is that the bottle look like a wine bottle, so chic - and they even make larger sizes to hold chilled wine for picnics or boat rides. Streamlined bottles (17oz) fit in car cup holders but have a wide enough mouth opening to allow for ice. No more canteen style water bottles necessary! They even make a 9oz size for lunch boxes or little drinkers.

I love these matte styles - the hot pink has my name on it for sure! 
750ml to keep your favorite wine chilled or tote a warm bottle of hot coco!
A special valentines day package:
his and hers water bottles with a large bottle for wine or champagne

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