Friday, February 15, 2013

Ski Local

As we watched the forecast of snow storm Nemo swirl into the area we couldn't help but get excited about the prospect of some CT skiing! I haven't skied a local mountain since highschool but with CT expected to get more snow than VT it seemed the perfect opportunity to ski local! We decided Mohawk would be the mountain, the largest in the state and projected to get the most snow in the area. However we woke up Saturday morning and we were trapped! A road ban from the governor and no chance we'd find clear enough roads to make the hour and a half trip. Hmm guess that's the one issue with local skiing! We made the best of it with a fun day in Greenwich and crossed fingers for clear roads and clear skys on Sunday!

A beautiful snowy walk at Tod's Point 
A delicious snow day lunch at the Beach House 
Sunday morning we woke up to a warm sunny day and {sortve} clear roads! Mohawk was still claiming "epic" conditions - it's all relative right?! - so we decided to hit the road. We couldn't have been more pleasantly surprised, Mohawk had awesome snow, great facilities, a "mid-mountain" lodge complete with waitress service, enough trail options to keep us entertained, inexpensive lift tickets and super nice people! The trip couldn't have been easier either, despite the slow going travel, and with night skiing from 4pm-10pm we definitely plan on going back for a fun Saturday road trip with friends. 

46 Great Hollow Rd, Cornwall CT
Open til 10pm Monday-Saturday for Night Skiing

Hmm still not too much available highway!

Still plenty of fresh snow! 

It's name sake trail - haven't been here since 2000!
After skiing we decided to go in search of a fun Apres Ski lunch! Litchfield is just about 10 miles from the mountain and we knew they were sure to have a quaint cozy spot we'd enjoy. The drive was beyond beautiful blanketed in so much snow and the town looked straight out of a picture book. We chose The Village Restaurant (mostly due to the Guinness sign in the window) and enjoyed the perfect post ski snacks!
25 West Street, On the Green, Litchfield CT

Adorable town of Litchfield CT
Perfect Apres Ski lunch!

I even finally got to visit Cara's beautiful new store! It was AMAZING and if I wasn't still wearing all my ski gear and traveling with a hungry husband I definitely could have done some serious damage! I can't wait to go back!

So gorgeous!
Plan your road trip!

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