Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Fear Not!

What's the fastest way to end a fun night with friends? Spill red wine on something in their house! Nothing turns a situation more uncomfortable than watching a hostess try to assure guests that it's no big deal that they just doused her new ottoman in vino! But don't be one of those people who only offers guests clear drinks - get yourself an emergency bottle of Wine Out! My fiance spilled some red wine on one of our chairs while I was away and didn't want to ruin my weekend so held out mentioning it until I came home (clearly I need to loosen up about our furniture!). Unsure how to get it out I called my mom who came to the rescue with Wine Out. After the stain had been sitting for 5 days she was still able to get it out completely and our chair looks like new! There was a small window of time where it turned the fabric bright blue but once it dried everything was perfect, however be sure to spot test in a small area before tackling the entire stain just incase. So now that you're in the know, serve that red wine with reckless abandon!

Learn more about Gonzo Wine Out here!

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