Saturday, April 23, 2011

Tulip Tutorial

I always thought putting a penny in a vase with tulips was an old wives tale but the other day I brought home some beautiful tulips and a few wouldn't fit in the vase. So i grabbed a little bud vase to stick the last three in but they were floppy and hanging out the sides due to the vase shape. I figured before I tossed them I would throw a penny in there and see what happened. The next day, voila, perfect tulips!! I'm still shocked that they are standing perfectly upright all on their own, it almost seems like magic. Since it's prime tulip season I had to pass along the tip! Happy Easter!

My favorite local places to buy flowers:
Cos Cob Farms - 61 East Putnam Avenue, Cos Cob
Darien Produce - 27 Tokeneke Road, Darien
Compo Farm - 392 Post Road East, Westport 

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